Smoking enlightens the senses and gets us more in tune with our bodies. A lot of the time, we get out of our own way, unlocking things that seem to be blocked up when we’re going through day-to-day life. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy your high, check out these things to do while high. 

Try out different things with different stains and unlock your preferred activities while you’re high to enjoy more than just the smoke. 

Take a Hike 

Even if you walk without any kind of substance, you get a burst of energy. The blood flow throughout your body increases and your brain is stimulated, unlocking creativity and thoughts. It’s also a big mood booster, putting a smile on your face and helping you feel bubbly from the inside out. 

When you combine those sensations with a smoking session, you’ll notice things more clearly. You’ll feel lighter on your feet and see color more vividly as you make your way around town. Plus, you’ll feel extra relaxed and come back home ready to focus or call it a day. 

Watch a Movie

If you don’t feel like moving around too much, why not keep your brain and thoughts engaged with a movie. Don’t just reach for anything, choosing a flick that will promote thinking or transport you to a whole new world filled with fun and exciting new adventures. Watch and reflect, seeing what ideas pop up in your mind as you enjoy your experience. 

Play some Games

Video games are fun and stimulate the mind even when you’re not smoking. Combining that with a good smoke session has the ability to enhance your gaming skills and help you think more clearly. If you’ve been stuck in a round and just can’t seem to find a way out, give your body a chance to relax, seeing how much different gameplay feels when you’re feeling smooth. 

Feed your Ears

Playing with your senses is fun when you’re high. It helps you get the most out of your high and helps you feel more of the power behind the more beautiful things in life like music. If you have a favorite song or band, give them a listen to while smoking. You might have all new feels when the beats hit or even notice some hidden notes or lyrics along the way. 

Write your Heart Out

Going along with the creative side of things, why not grab a piece of paper and just start writing. We have a whole new perspective when we smoke, able to clarify things and state them like we might not have been able to before. When you feel this way, you should pick up a pen and pad and see what you come up with, surrendering to the voice and the feelings within. 

Start Creating

There is something about the reactions produced from smoking that kicks our creativity. When you start to feel this way, see where your creative mind can take you by doing something fun or trying something completely new. Maybe you pick up a paintbrush and experiment with colors or maybe you draw, take photographs, or even play with your wardrobe or makeup seeing what you can come up with. 

Have a Snack 

With this one, we’re not saying to give in to every little temptation. Going overboard is easy when you’re high, with your brain asking for more and more food. Though you should limit yourself, you shouldn’t keep yourself away from enjoying some of your favorite flavors, seeing how much more you taste them when you’re high

Go for creamy chocolates or foods with different textures to play with your tastebuds and see how they react to different tastes and sensations while you feed your cravings. 

Get Social 

Some of us only smoke in social settings, which is perfect to see where it takes us. If you’re not used to it, gather up some friends or make some new ones as you get social and smoke together. You’ll be surprised at what kinds of things you all come up with, talking and working with one another to create good vibes and cool sensations that carry you through your high. 

Get Organised 

If you tend to feel more energetic when you smoke, why not try putting it to good use and organizing a bit, If you need to, you can make a list of things you need to take care of before you start smoking, going down the list and tackling them as you finish one or another. It could be a good way to get and keep yourself motivated as you get yourself organized and keep your stuff in order for a better and more productive week. 

Get Intimate

The feelings and sensations that you have when you’re high are phenomenal. Combining that with intimate pleasures, you could unlock feelings as you’ve never had before, especially when experimenting with a partner that you trust. After you smoke or while you are smoking, take things slow so that you can enjoy all of the feelings and see what you like best. Then, as the sensations get stronger, move along with them and see where the activities take you. 

Don’t Just Lounge Around, Enjoy the High 

A lot of smokers out there wind up feeling lazy or don’t use their “high time” effectively. The thing is, once you start experimenting with things, you’ll soon find that everything feels a little different and feelings are much more intense. The next time you’re due for a smoking session, try out any one of these ten activities and note how you feel. 

Any time that you have a good strain, you’ll notice that instead of feeling stoned, lazy, and hungry, you’ll feel creative, intuitive, and sensual. Play into those feeling and start to unlock feelings like you never have, playing off of the sensations that you feel when you’re nice, relaxed, and in a higher state of mind. 


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