We’ve all been there: You just got some fantastic weed and are ready to enjoy it, only to find that you don’t have a weed grinder. What are you supposed to do? Fortunately, you aren’t without options. Grinding weed without an actual grinder is easier than you might think. In this guide, you will discover just how effective many common household items are in grinding marijuana buds.

Of course, for the sake of convenience, you should eventually invest in a quality weed grinder. But for the time being, these handy hacks are just what the doctor ordered when you need to crush your cannabis in a pinch. Enjoy!

Why should I grind my weed?

Having the ability to pack a bowl and roll a joint that burns thoroughly and evenly is an admirable skill. After all, nothing’s worse than seeing your perfectly good weed burn up and disappear from the stem of your bong. And we’ve all seen joints get lit up that burn down only one side. As bad as these problems are, there is good news. And that is the fact that these issues are easily fixed with a little know-how and proper preparation. 

Indeed, properly preparing your smoking materials can ensure an enjoyable experience. It all starts with grinding your weed before use. This quick and effortless task can save you from encountering the problems described above.

Yes, when you chop your flowers and break them into tiny, manageable pieces, all the marijuana particles are sure to burn completely when you smoke them. When marijuana burns correctly, it releases even terpenes, cannabinoids, and other essential chemicals, allowing for proper consumption via your lungs.

But obviously, there are many different methods to accomplish breaking down small pieces of marijuana. So why is it better to use a grinder? Simply put, a grinder has sharp teeth that make short work of even the most stubborn buds. What’s more, your grinder serves as an excellent container for rogue pieces of weed. As such, you needn’t worry about losing any of your precious herb. 

In short, it’s quick, easy, and highly convenient. 

DIY ways of grinding down my weed…

There is a multitude of scenarios that can present themselves where you’re caught without a proper weed grinder. And if it hasn’t happened to you yet, just give it time. Eventually, you will find yourself faced with the problem of not having a weed grinder.

It’s then that you want to be sure you know how to effectively remedy the situation and break down your weed. So for your consideration, here are the best and easiest DIY methods for grinding weed without a grinder.

Grind weed with a credit card

Some people might associate credit cards with hard drugs, but they work perfectly well for grinding weed. Therefore, this is a simple yet effective process on how to use a credit card to turn weed buds into tiny particles.

Pick up the credit card with your best hand, or the hand that you have the most control over. Hold your weed bud with your other hand. Before starting this process, make sure to hold both objects firmly. Use your card to scrape off the weed buds.

Try the direction that can provide you with the best grinding results. This process needs to be done very gently. If you use too much pressure, you run the risk of breaking your credit card, and that wouldn’t be good.

Repeat the grinding action with a little force. Do this until the bud is completely ground. Now that you have smoothly ground the weed, proceed to scrape your piles of particles into neat groups for easy access.

When you use a credit card to turn your weed buds into finer particles, it is indeed a handy alternative. However, the biggest downside to employing a credit card for this task is that your card is obviously quite fragile. 

For this reason, you might want to consider investing in a sturdy grinding card, not a fragile credit card. Another drawback to using a credit card as a weed grinder is that it puts your fingertips at risk. 

Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think to accidentally slice yourself if you’re not careful. But again, the use of a credit card as a weed grinder is meant for emergencies when you don’t have access to a proper grinder.

As a brief aside, you can, of course, use a driver’s license or library card if you don’t have access to a credit card. If you’re hanging out with friends, surely someone has a plastic card with which to chop of your cannabis.

But if using someone else’s card, regardless of the type, it is best to let them do the chopping. If something happens and they accidentally break their card, it will be on them and not you.

Break up weed by hand

Sure, this one is a bit obvious, but sometimes getting back to basics is the best way to go. Although there are few disadvantages, breaking down weed with your hands can be a very rewarding experience.

Yes, hemp is very sticky, and breaking it down by hand may prove to be a bit tedious. But in terms of breaking down cannabis buds, your fingers can definitely do some work. So don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

This method is an excellent way to grind weed in a pinch. And best of all, it costs you absolutely nothing except for your time and effort. The biggest drawback to using your hands to grind up weed is that it can be rather tedious.

What’s more, your hands may start to ache depending on how much weed you need to be broken down. And if you’re tasked with breaking them down into super tiny particles, you’re going to have your work cut out for you. As a cheap pro tip, take turns with this method if you’re surrounded by friends. 

You’ll get the work completed faster and with less impact on your hands. It works, it’s free, and you’re in control of how fine your weed gets broken down into. As a brief aside, you can, of course, use a driver’s license or library card if you don’t have access to a credit card.

If you’re hanging out with friends, surely someone has a plastic card with which to chop of your cannabis. But if using someone else’s card, regardless of the type, it is best to let them do the chopping. If something happens and they accidentally break their card, it will be on them and not you.

Coffee grinder for weed

If your workload is bigger and you have a considerable amount of weed to break down, you need a method that allows for greater efficiency. Enter: the coffee grinder. Granted, these machines aren’t always handy.

But if you are the owner of a coffee grinder or somewhere where there’s access to one, then you’re in for a treat. These devices make short work of weed and will save your hands and credit cards from potential agony. 

Alternatively, you can also use a small food processor if you have one present. If you’re a bit of a grinding enthusiast, you will probably want to skip the traditional manual grinder altogether and choose a larger unit, like that of a coffee grinder.

In doing so, you can look forward to it automating the entire grinding process for you. For those who wish to break down large amounts of marijuana into a consistent and finely ground end product, the coffee grinder may very well prove to be your best friend.

Best of all, this method requires minimal effort and is capable of breaking down large chunks of cannabis in the blink of an eye. 

Use spice grinder!

Spice grinders come in all shapes and sizes. You can also find them in manual options, as well as electric models. The term “spice grinder” has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years, as most weed grinders are called “spice grinders.”

But in terms of the traditional spice grinder, you can really work some magic on weed flowers. Similar to the coffee grinders discussed above, spice grinders are capable of taking on a large portion of marijuana all at once and breaking it down into tiny, workable particles.

And even if you only have access to a manual spice grinder, it’s a lot easier to break down your weed using the manual crank compared to using your bare hands. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to an automatic, electric spice grinder, you’re life just got a whole lot easier.

With the push of a button, you can now grind your cannabis in no time flat and with minimal effort. As with the coffee grinder, you can look forward to spice grinders providing consistently ground-up bud for your enjoyment. Thanks to this handy alternative, you can trust that your joints will burn evenly and completely.

Shot glass and scissors

A shot glass and scissors are a handy combination that is many people’s favorites when they’re in a bind and need a weed grinder. This concept is self-explanatory, as you simply put your herb in a shot glass and cut it into tiny pieces with the scissors.

Depending on the weed you grind, the scissors can bog down quickly due to the stickiness. However, all you need to do when this happens is scrape them clean. They will then be ready to cut up more. Repeat the above steps however many times it takes until you have successfully cut up your cannabis.

Chopping board and knife

This one is about as easy as it gets. Grab both items, place your bud on the chopping board, and go to town with the knife until you are satisfied with the results. Most homes have these items available, making this homemade weed grinder the most accessible.

If you have experience chopping up foods, you should have no problem getting your weed ground. Just use caution and practice patience. You don’t want to risk slicing your finger instead of the weed.

Snuff can and tacks

If you don’t have access to thumbtacks, screws work just fine, too. As long as you or a friend of yours dip snuff or chewing tobacco, you are good to go. This homemade weed grinder can make good use of empty snuff cans.

You can use this method in several different ways. And if you don’t have screws or tacks, staples work well, too. To make this homemade weed grinder, screw the screws or insert the tacks into the bottom of the snuff can. 

Do the same to the lid, as well. As you can picture, this is one of the closest ways to create a weed grinder with household items. What’s more, it is even similar to weed grinders that you buy at a store.

The key to this trick is to ensure that you put the screws in place so that when you turn the can and lid, they don’t hit one another. In doing so, you can look forward to a very effective, easy-to-make, and highly inexpensive weed grinder.

The fork grinder

Say what? That’s right; a simple fork works well to grind weed on the cheap. If you can’t find any of the items mentioned so far, you will have at least one fork in your home. To make this grinder work, a fork is all you need. 

To make this method work, all you have to do is put the fork upside down on the table and scrape your buds along the tip of the fork. The ground cannabis will fall on the table neatly and effortlessly. 

Admittedly, this method works better when your cannabis is somewhat dry. Anything that’s overly sticky or moist tends to gum up together on the fork, thus defeating the purpose of the homemade grinder. But if you’re willing to give it a try with drier buds, you will be impressed by how easily this trick works as a homemade weed grinder.

Ped egg

The most important thing to mention here with this homemade weed grinder is never to use a Ped Egg that’s just been used on someone’s feet. But, if you have access to a new and unused Ped Egg, you can use the same technique as shredding cheese to grind up your cannabis. 

Granted, not everyone has a Ped Egg lying around. But if you do, more power to you. What’s more, let’s say you are on your way to a friend’s house, but you forgot your weed grinder, and your friend doesn’t have one, either. 

You can’t always find a weed grinder at your local drug store, but you can likely find a Ped Egg. So pick one up on the way and save the day. This homemade weed grinder is quite possibly the most effective, as it emulates an actual weed grinder better than most others. 

It’s also relatively inexpensive and gets the job done in record time. Soon, you will be enjoying finely-ground cannabis.

Pepper grinder

This one is very similar to spice grinders. Pepper grinders also come in many different shapes and sizes. And like spice grinders, you can find them in both manual and electric models. And really, you’re more likely to find pepper grinders lying around compared to spice grinders.

And pepper grinders can quickly do some damage to your cannabis buds. Even if you have a large amount of weed that needs to be chopped up, many pepper grinders are able to accommodate you.

Even if you just have a manual pepper grinder, you can promptly break down your nuggets with minimal effort. A simple crank of the handle or twist of the top will turn your buds into finely ground particles to use however you please. 

If you happen to be lucky enough to get your hands on an automatic, electric pepper grinder, a quick push of a button is all it takes. With that, you can now grind up your weed in the blink of an eye. 

And just like spice grinders and coffee grinders, pepper grinders serve to provide you with consistently ground-up cannabis every time. You may need to perform periodic cleanings depending on the consistency of your weed, but it’s a small price to pay for a homemade weed grinder alternative.

screws and bottlecaps

For this homemade weed grinder, you are going to need two large caps, such as those from large bottles of Gatorade. As with the snuff can trick, you’ll need to insert the screws into each of the two caps. The good news is that you can also use this method in several different ways. So if you don’t have access to screws, tacks or staples work just as well.

Once again, you are creating a weed grinder that closely emulates the real thing. And best of all, you should have what’s needed to complete this homemade weed grinder laying around your house or the house you’re hanging out at.

As with the snuff can trick, the goal here is to ensure that you put the tacks, staples, or screws in place so that when you turn the lids, they don’t hit one another. By doing this, you will have an effective weed grinder that makes short work of your buds.


Want to learn how to make a good homemade weed grinder? Soon, you will be able to grind up your bud instantly and effortlessly. If you’re even remotely handy with tools, you can whip up your own grinder in no time at all.

First things first. You’re going to need a few items on hand before you get started. These include:

  • Scrap pieces of wood
  • Tape measure
  • Wire mesh
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Saw

Once you have everything gathered up, it’s time to get to work. To start, you want to cut your scrap pieces of wood to where you can build a frame. Two of the pieces should be longer, measuring 15cm in length and 7.5cm in height. Next, cut two shorter pieces of wood, each measuring 7.5cm in length and height. With all four pieces cut, nail them together to make a rectangle frame.

Now, you want to cut your wire mesh so that it covers one open side of the frame. As such, you will need to trim the mesh to measure 15cm long by 7.5cm wide. Once trimmed, simply nail the mesh in place.

Depending on how your frame is laying, flip it so that the side with mesh faces up. Like a cheese grater, carefully scrape your weed back and forth over the mesh. Your ground weed will safely fall through the mesh and within the confines of the frame. 

Finally, just gather up your ground weed and enjoy it as you see fit!

Don’t have DIY skills to make the homemade weed grinder described above? No problem, as you’re still not out of options. These next homemade weed grinders are quite easy but can produce excellent results.

These methods are similar to the ones mentioned earlier. The difference, though, is that they involve gathering up more than one item. You don’t have to worry about being MacGyver, so fear not. With a little ingenuity and patience, you can grind up your cannabis just as well as a proper weed grinder.


As you can see, you shouldn’t have any reason why you can’t break down your weed if you’re in a situation where a weed grinder isn’t present. There really isn’t any scenario where at least one of the methods outlined above can’t be employed as a backup weed grinder.

If you’re particularly handy with tools, the homemade weed grinder is one that will likely last and will serve you well for a long time to come. If the wire mesh wears out, you will simply need to replace it on occasion to ensure optimal performance. 

But if you aren’t comfortable building your own weed grinder, you have a multitude of methods to fall back on to ensure that you are able to grind up your cannabis in a pinch. Remember, you can avoid running into such scenarios by buying two or three weed grinders and keeping them handy.

How to Grind Weed without a Grinder? (FAQ):

How can I grind my buds without a grinder?

Without a grinder, you can reduce the size of marijuana buds by cutting them with the points of scissors in a jar. You can use a regular knife without any serrations to cut the buds up on a chopping board. Cannabis can also be ground in a small coffee grinder.

How do you grind nugs?

All you have to do is throw your buds into the grinder and turn it on. Reduce it to uniform powder by grinding it. This is also the most efficient method for crushing large quantities of cannabis. The major negative is the cleaning up that must be done later.

How do you chop up buds?

A shot glass and scissors is an excellent choice for use to grind your weed. Simply gathering your buds inside the shot glass and then use your scissors in a pestle-and-mortar fashion to grind and cut your buds while sitting within the shot glass, or you could use a coffee grinder.

Is it better to use a grinder or hands?

Grinding your marijuana with a grinder is much quicker than grinding it by hand, which is the first and most apparent benefit of using one of these devices. Even incredibly sticky bud, the likes of which need a serious effort to break down by hand, can be crushed down to the ideal rolling consistency in a matter of minutes.

What is the main advantage of a hand grinder?

Hand grinders are an excellent option for people who are short on storage space and cash. They’re a lot more portable and affordable than their automatic counterparts. Hand grinders, similar to their electric counterparts, are available in various sizes and prices.

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