As you probably know, cannabis is a plant that produces tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive substance that is only naturally found in small outgrowths. That being said, genetic engineering has provided us with a means to more effectively harvest cannabis to produce higher-yielding strains.

Popularity for cannabis has been ramping up in many countries, given the medical benefits it provides. In America, however, and some other countries, where recreational cannabis has been legalised in some places, there is a big push to produce higher-yielding strains.

In many ways, the cannabis that was used in the 1970s during the “Hippie Days” is not the same as the cannabis that is used today. And, for the most part, that is because of the potency.

Reports indicate that, in the 1970s, the THC levels of the cannabis being smoked was around 1%. Today, the levels of THC are a lot higher, averaging around 15-20%, with some specially grown plants reaching levels as high as 33%.

The disparities in these levels of potency have several different causes, the first of which that, during the 1970s, most cannabis was being imported from outside countries. During transport, being exposed to high temperatures and oxidised along the way, the cannabis would lose potency before it reached the consumer.

As time went on, people began to keep hydroponic systems to grow their cannabis, rather than buying it from other countries. During this time, access to fresher products was increased dramatically, leading to higher levels of potency.

Then, as the 1980s came to a close, cannabis growers began to hybridise their plants, combining many varieties to create new, more potent strains.

Dispensaries today sell cannabis that is much higher potency than anything that was used in the 70s, but which of the new, hybridized strains is the highest potency?

Highest Yielding Auto-Flowering Strains

Auto-flowering cannabis strains, as the name implies, flower automatically. In growing cannabis, there are two main phases: a vegetative phase and a flowering phase. In photoperiod cannabis, light is required to trigger flowering, but auto-flowering strains flower only after a certain time has passed.

This is a useful trait that was adapted to speed up the growth of cannabis, and to ensure reproduction before seasons change and temperatures plummet.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a very potent strain of cannabis that is an Indica dominant hybrid and features 22% THC and .6% CBD (cannabidiol). According to reviews, the taste of this strain is earthy and sweet, and the effects are both cerebral and euphoric.

This strain is very popular and boasts great reviews, and can be produced in 55-63 days. And, the high being very cerebral, this strain has been popularized by social smokers and also lends itself to the relief of chronic pain and muscle spasms.

If you’re looking to grow your own Girl Scout Cookies Auto, the indoor flowering time is between 56 to 90 days, has been feminized, and is available as a single seed!

GDP Gumberry Auto

This strain of cannabis is a relatively new strain that is highly potent. It features 19% THC and 1% CBD and is an Indica dominant strain that reportedly “hits the body like an orgasm”.

Further reviews of this strain claim that the high is initially very relaxing until it gives way to desiring excitement, fun, and entertainment. On a high like this, it’s likely your energy will lead you to participate in yoga, sports, or any other type of high energy activity.

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, although the yield is 150 grams larger outdoors, and takes between 7 and 8 weeks to flower. Medially, the benefits of this strain include pain relief, depression, migraines, anxiety relief, and relief of muscle spasms.

Blueberry Cookies Auto

Blueberry Cookies, also known as Blue Cookies, is a delicious, Indica dominated strains of cannabis that is very popular among consumers. As far as taste is concerned, it gives a mixture of blueberry and nut flavors that, upon exhale, tingles the palate.

Reviews indicate that this strain of cannabis makes consumers feel relaxed, happy, and euphoric, and some also report sleepiness, and body tingling. The THC content is somewhere between 17% and 22%, and the CBD content is around 1%.

If you’re planning on growing Blueberry Cookies, it will take anywhere between 7 to 9 weeks to grow, and can be harvested in later September or late October.

Highest Yielding Indica Strains

Cannabis Indica, as opposed to cannabis Sativa, typically grow faster and have higher yields. Generally, Indica also produces strains with higher CBD levels, but lower THC counts.

Possible medical benefits of Indica strains include: mental and muscle relaxation decreased nausea and acute pain, and even an increase in dopamine and aid in sleep.

From:  29.00
From:  29.00

Kush Mass

Kush Mass is a potent Indica blend that is made from Critical Mass being crossed with Afghan Kush. At 19% THC and .5% CBD, the effects of this strain’s high are generally used to relax at the end of the day.

The taste of this strain is generally described as fruity and sweet, and individuals generally report a body high, rather than a mind high. The indoor flowering time is short, but, if growing outdoors, this strain can only be harvested at the end of September.

If you’re looking to start growing cannabis, this strain would not be a bad choice! In fact, it’s labeled as suitable for beginners, and the growth is very rapid and easy.

Wedding Cake

This Indica strain is sometimes called “Pink Cookie” and has been reported to taste tangy, earthy, and like a bit of vanilla. A cross between Girl Scout Cookie and Cherry Pie, this strain is very strong, at 27% THC. It’s actually one of the highest yielding strains on the market.

The high for this strain is, reportedly, very relaxing, and can easily keep you couched if you’re not careful about the dosing. Users also report feelings of inspiration, passion, and even the urge to exercise at points during the high.

Wedding Cake, as long as you obtain quality seeds, is pretty easy to grow. That being said, getting your hands on these seeds won’t be easy, as they’re somewhat hard to come by.

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is a high yielding strain of cannabis that contains 26.9% THC and .7% CBD. And, with such a high THC percentage, it is used medically to help patients who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or serious pain.

This strain of cannabis has been reported to produce “uncontrollable yawning” and “heavy eyelids”, especially in large quantities.

As far as taste is concerned, this strain of cannabis tastes rich, fruity, and earthy!

Highest Yielding Sativa Strains

Opposite Indica strains, Sativa takes a significant amount of time to grow and requires more light. Furthermore, Sativa plants have lower levels of CBD, and higher THC counts.

Medicinally, this strain is used to treat anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Plus, it can also be used to increase focus, creativity, and serotonin levels.

From:  29.00
From:  29.00
From:  29.00

Phantom Cookies Domina

The Phantom Cookies Domina strain is a mostly Sativa strain that contains 21% THC and 1% CBD. Reportedly, although Sativa dominant, this strain still smacks you like an Indica, and you will initially feel a body high that will couch you.

Medicinally, this strain is used to relieve stress, depression, fatigue, inflammation, muscle spasms, and even cancer. Additionally, there has been research done that this strain can aid in reducing the effects of ADD/ADHD.

This strain takes about 9 weeks to grow and is harvested during the beginning of October. These nuggets are also a deep purple color and candy scented!


This Sativa variant, named Candyland, has a sweet aroma that growers and consumers alike love. And, at 29% THC, it’s also very potent.

Reportedly, the high from this strain evokes a warm, cozy sensation. Likewise, it can also induce a drive to get things done, whether that be work or exercise.

As far as growth goes, this strain can be cultivated both indoors and out, although you will yield more grams per plant when growing outdoors than you will when growing indoors.

Sour Tangie

This Sativa dominate strain of cannabis tastes, as the name indicates, like sour fruit, followed by an aftertaste of earthy dirt. It also contains around 22% THC.

Sour Tangie is known to cause users to feel a wave of high energy, and is used most often during morning or afternoon. Genetically, it is a cross between the East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie strains of cannabis.

Highest Yields: Auto-flower or Feminized?

High yielding strains are incredibly sought after, especially nowadays. In 2020 auto-flowers have definitely caught up to feminized in terms of potency and yields. One customer of ours was able to yield 700g dry per plant with our Kush Mass Auto which is truly mind blowing.

Highest Yielding Strains of Cannabis (FAQ):

What is the highest yielding outdoor cannabis strain in 2022?

The Blue Head Band cannabis strain has a lot of impressive characteristics, and she never fails to come through with the goods regarding flavor. Undertones of high-elevation forests, spring sap, rosemary, diesel fuel, and a deep terroir are present, with fresh blueberry, mixed citrus, pine, and diesel being the most noticeable flavors. It takes nine weeks for the plant to finish flowering, and inside, it produces 450–600 g/m2, while outdoors, it yields up to a crazy 4000 g/planta.

What yields more Indica or sativa?

The rapid and simple growth of Indica cannabis makes it the preferred variety. Full maturity can be reached in as little as eight weeks, allowing for earlier and more frequent harvests than with Sativa. There are more buds produced by Indica plants than by Sativa plants.

What strain is GOG?

There’s some great history behind Gog & Magog. It was created by the Israeli organization Tikun Olam, and its name alludes to both the Bible and the Quran. Though it’s simple to write it off as a case of name-picking, the benefits make it clear that there must be some deeper meaning behind the allusion.

What indoor strain yields the most?

At an astounding rate of 18 ounces per square meter, White Widow is one of the top-yielding indoor strains. White Widow, surprisingly, does well in natural environments and can produce up to 21 ounces per plant. She may thrive in either soil or hydroponic environments.

What strain has the biggest buds?

Sativa-dominant cannabis strains are known for their high production rates. These plants grow to enormous proportions, resembling tiny trees; their canopies are wider and denser, and they bear many more buds.

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