Mexican Red Hair Seeds

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There is not a lot of information available regarding this particular strain. However, it has a flavor similar to pineapple and an aroma that is typical of other marijuana strains. It is not well documented how much THC it contains, but Mexican Red Hair is highly potent and delivers a significant buzz that affects the brain and the body.

Mexican Red Hair Seeds

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Choosing seeds

Feminized seeds
When given less than 12 hours of light every day, feminized seeds bloom and produce weed. Gather either in the fall outside or indoors after around 15 to 20 weeks. Feminized strains are used by beginners & experienced growers and produce higher-quality buds than auto-flowering strains.

Automatic seeds
Easy to grow and simple plants can be cultivated from auto-flower seeds in just 10 to 14 weeks before they are ready to be picked. Fantastic for first-time cultivators, limited harvesting areas, and seasonal yields.

How to germinate

To ensure germination, immerse the seeds in a glass of water for at least 12-72 hours while keeping them in the dark at room temperature. When the whitetail appears, plant your seeds 1/2 inch deep in the soil or another medium that has been moistened. You should see a seedling emerge within 2 days after planting. Seedlings thrive in bright, sunny conditions (21°C to 23°C)

Mexican Red Hair Cannabis Strain

The Mexican Red Hair cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid developed in Mexico. It got its name primarily due to the appearance of its dense buds, which are coated in red hairs of varying sizes. There is not a lot of information available regarding this particular strain. However, it has a flavor similar to pineapple and an aroma that is typical of other marijuana strains. It is not well documented how much THC it contains, but Mexican Red Hair is highly potent and delivers a significant buzz that affects the brain and the body. The treatment of persistent joint pain and headaches are both among the possible medicinal applications.

Growing Mexican Red Hair Seeds

Seedlings are ready to enter the vegetative state when they have developed a sturdy stem and at least two sets of leaves that look like cannabis. It is best to avoid disturbing your plants too much while transplanting them to a larger container. Although it won’t reach the heights of the legendary six-foot-plus photoperiod plants, this type should do OK in a grow room with height-adjustable lights.  These seeds produce over four feet tall plants grown in warmer, brighter areas. This strain’s plants can also grow successfully in temperatures as low as 20°C, which is relatively cool for cannabis. The ability to survive temperatures as low as 17 degrees at night may help them adapt to the chilly shocks later on that bring out their stunning dark anthocyanin colors.

To maximize the exposure of bud sites to bright light, these plants thrive in a Screen of Green. Mexico Red Hair can yield over 450 grams per square meter when grown indoors using a nutrient-rich substrate of living soil and an abundance of full-spectrum light supplemented by red and blue LEDs calibrated for the growing period. Growing this cultivar in California can be pretty profitable. Growers that use living soil supplemented with perlite and coco coir can increase yields from 50-200 grams per plant.

Mexican Red Hair Weed Flavor and Effect

The plants need time to develop enough of a scent before it can be detected. When they release a fragrance, it is typically a more traditional earthiness rather than the sweeter, fruitier scents associated with more recently bred plants. This strain’s mature plants can have a strong skunky odor to complement the deep, nutrient-rich soil in which it thrives. Drying and curing soften this odor and removes some of the harsher notes. Terpinolene gives cured buds a more woodsy aroma, evoking a lumbermill or a room filled with woody incense, with a sharper, more acidic note emerging as the aroma fades.  Anise aromas are there as well, the first hint of sweetness. Taking a dry hit evokes some of the skunkiness from before but with smoother, herbal silage.

The initial whiff bursts with bright, fruity limonene, giving off a delightful lemon flavor. The smoke tastes more like a cup of citrus black tea than a shot of lime juice, despite its citric aroma and aftertaste. This is due to the smoke’s deep incense wood overtones. There is lore that the pineapple and sandalwood aromas of this strain’s classic phenotypes are spot-on. Infused with hints of traditional Hash Plant, this updated classic produces a more decadent hit than ever. Smoking this incense-like substance is analogous to inhaling the aroma of organic tobacco; it has a spicy, woodsy, peppery, and earthy aroma. Exhalation leaves a lingering taste of diesel, lemon, and mint on the lips and tongue. The aftertaste tastes like a high-end perfume, a blend of camphor and delicate tropical fruits. You won’t find any sourness in this variety.

The initial manifestation is a feeling of strain around the eyes and temples. This strain has a sneaky way of working its way up on you, but you’ll know it’s there when the ideas flow freely, and jokes build upon one another. This herb helps maintain concentration while reading or working on a tedious task or making otherwise boring tasks appear more exciting. With its 70% Sativa, condensation hybrid produces a chatty, energizing high. Though the tension requires a great deal of drive and concentration, the resulting state is upbeat and confident rather than tense and worried. Red Hairs, particularly in its early stages when it is giddy and social, is a fantastic way to boost your mood. People who experience paranoia and anxiety when using cannabis would appreciate this strain. Also, it’s a good choice for first-timers who want to try something powerful without many unpleasant consequences.

It works wonderfully to aid concentration and attention in those with ADHD. If you’ve lost your appetite due to illness or psychological causes, MRH may help restore your appetite. Mexico Red Hair’s clean and pleasant aroma will help lift your spirits and chase away feelings of depression, exhaustion, tension, and poor morale. It has often effectively treated PMS, PTSD, headaches, migraines, and chronic pain. As the effects of the high wear off, a hazy, peaceful, and happy mood sets in, and it becomes simple to become immersed in sensory experiences. It’s possible that this strain would be too stimulating to consume at night, or at least too soon before bedtime, but it would be perfect for a daytime smoke sesh. Most people fall asleep after their high, thanks to the 30% indica genetics. It’s not sedative; it’s merely soothing and will only send you to sleep if that’s where your mind is already going.


Sativa Dominant


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Flowering Time

56-66 days


17-20 %

Yield indoor
Yield outdoor

100-400 g/m²


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Mexican Red Hair Seeds

From: $ 31.87

Mexican Red Hair Seeds