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The Cheese Collection features strains containing the widely popular cheese cannabis seed. Our cheese strains, including Gorilla Cheese and Cheese Exodus, offer a unique, savory taste and aroma reminiscent of cheese in contrast to the sweet, herbal flavors found in many other types of strains.

The original cheese strain was developed in the 80s and made popular by a South East England cultivator. The plants produced massive yields of this strong-tasting strain, which became an increasingly popular choice among the budding UK rave scene. Today, it’s considered to be one of the most popular strains used in hybrids worldwide!

Cheese strains produce a high quantity of THC-potent trichomes to deliver a blissful high. If you’re ready to start growing cheese cannabis for yourself, check out our Cheese Collection today. All of our collections are backed with discreet, 48-hour shipping so that you can get your seeds quickly and without hassle.


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