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Graines de toux Diesel Berry

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Taux élevé de THC 17-20%. 
70% d'hybride Indica
Rendement élevé et facilité de culture
Effet relaxant mais énergisant

Graines de toux Diesel Berry

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Choix des semences

Graines féminisées
Lorsqu'elles reçoivent moins de 12 heures de lumière par jour, les graines féminisées fleurissent et produisent de la mauvaise herbe. Récoltez-les soit à l'automne à l'extérieur, soit à l'intérieur après environ 15 à 20 semaines. Les souches féminisées sont utilisées par les débutants et les cultivateurs expérimentés et produisent des têtes de meilleure qualité que les souches à floraison automatique.

Semences automatiques
Il est possible de cultiver des plantes simples et faciles à cultiver à partir de graines de fleurs automatiques en seulement 10 à 14 semaines avant qu'elles ne soient prêtes à être récoltées. Fantastique pour les cultivateurs débutants, les zones de récolte limitées et les rendements saisonniers.

Comment germer

Pour assurer la germination, immergez les graines dans un verre d'eau pendant au moins 12 à 72 heures tout en les conservant dans l'obscurité à température ambiante. Lorsque la queue blanche apparaît, plantez vos graines à 1/2 pouce de profondeur dans le sol ou dans un autre milieu qui a été humidifié. Vous devriez voir une plantule émerger dans les 2 jours suivant la plantation. Les semis se développent dans des conditions lumineuses et ensoleillées (21°C à 23°C).

*Please Check Legality In Your Own Region.


Diesel Berry Cough Cannabis Strain

Diesel Berry Cough is a hybrid strain that was created by crossing NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough. It provides customers with an enjoyable and well-rounded experience. Diesel Berry Cough calms you while simultaneously producing an energized and clear-headed sense. This may be the solution you’ve been seeking if you’ve been struggling with sleeplessness and want to get more done. This strain is adaptable, making it suitable for consumption at any hour or night. Because of its rapid onset and potency, inexperienced users should exercise caution when consuming it. This strain is excellent for growing indoors, and in addition to its fruity aroma, it offers a flavor that is dense and reminiscent of Diesel.

Growing Diesel Berry Cough Seeds

Approximately thirty percent of the Diesel Berry Cough strain’s genetics come from the Sativa-dominant regions of Thailand, Mexico, and Columbia, while the remaining seventy percent of its genetics come from the indica-dominant parts of the hash-making region of India & the Hindu Kush. The Diesel Berry Cough plant should reach a height of between 80 and 140 centimeters at maturity and complete flowering in approximately 10 to 11 weeks. The buds have a structure that is a combination of indica and sativa, and they grow in a spiral pattern that is very well-sized and somewhat compact.

Fan leaves are usually entirely black and have a broad reach, leaving much space for light to penetrate the tree’s lower branches. Since this one can get quite massive, it should be pruned more than once to develop several lower limbs and an equal canopy of buds. Mold is more likely to grow on a plant with only one central cola because it will be more diff-challenging to maintain the humidity in the large buds resulting from this cultivation method.

Diesel Berry Cough Weed Taste & Smell

Diesel Berry Cough is a cannabis strain with a delicious Diesel flavor and a fruity berry flavor that is perfect for indica enthusiasts who enjoy a touch of Sativa in their cannabis strain. This version contains some extremely unusual buds, with a taste that is sweet but also slightly strange and chemical, and it has a high level of THC content, averaging about 20%.

Diesel Berry Cough has a taste that is both herbal and spicy, and it gives off sweet scents. The buds will most likely have a THC level of between 16 and 22 percent when they are finished and will look a lot like an old-school skunk, with faint greens & orange but not much other color. The primary reason for Diesel Berry Cough’s notoriety is the large commercial yields it produces.

Diesel Berry Cough Marijuana Effect

Diesel Berry Cough is a hybrid that was created to provide customers with a satisfying and well-rounded product. Diesel Berry Cough has the ability to soothe you while also providing you with a refreshing and clear-headed sensation. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping and are also seeking to get more done, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for. This strain is highly adaptable, as it may be enjoyed successfully during the day and in the evening. Because of its rapid onset and severe nature, first-time users should use caution. This strain is excellent for growing indoors, and in addition to its fruity aroma, it offers a flavor that is similar to thick diesel fuel.

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Dominante Sativa

Période de floraison

45 - 55 jours


17-20 %


< 1%

Rendement à l'intérieur

350-450 g/m²

Rendement extérieur

450-700 g/m²

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Graines de toux Diesel Berry

De :  29.00

Graines de toux Diesel Berry