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Semillas Blue Dream

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Alto THC 25-29% 
Híbrido 70% Sativa
Alto rendimiento y fácil de cultivar
Subidón energético y motivacional

Semillas Blue Dream

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Elección de las semillas

Semillas feminizadas
Cuando se les da menos de 12 horas de luz al día, las semillas feminizadas florecen y producen hierba. Se recogen en otoño en el exterior o en el interior después de unas 15 a 20 semanas. Las variedades feminizadas son utilizadas por cultivadores principiantes y experimentados y producen cogollos de mayor calidad que las variedades autoflorecientes.

Semillas automáticas
A partir de las semillas autoflorecientes se pueden cultivar plantas fáciles de cultivar y sencillas en tan sólo 10 a 14 semanas antes de que estén listas para ser recogidas. Fantástico para los que cultivan por primera vez, las zonas de cosecha limitadas y los rendimientos de temporada.

Cómo germinar

Para asegurar la germinación, sumerja las semillas en un vaso de agua durante al menos 12-72 horas mientras las mantiene en la oscuridad a temperatura ambiente. Cuando aparezca la cola blanca, planta tus semillas a 1/2 pulgada de profundidad en el suelo o en otro medio que haya sido humedecido. Deberías ver emerger una plántula en los dos días siguientes a la plantación. Las plántulas prosperan en condiciones luminosas y soleadas (21°C a 23°C)

*Please Check Legality In Your Own Region.

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

In its native California, the Blue Dream Strain—a Sativa-dominant hybrid—is practically legendary. It has become famous as the daytime strain of choice since it delivers a “pick-me-up” without being overwhelming & focuses more on “mood-altering” effects than a solid high. Because of this, it is commonly referred to as the “ideal day-time strain.”

The “cool California atmosphere” is well captured by this variety, which originated in California’s expanding medicinal cannabis business. The Blue Dream strain was created when Super Silver Haze was crossed with a Blueberry Indica strain. Its goal was to create what would become one of the most well-known kinds in the world. The strain Blue Dream’s reputation for delivering a mellow, calming high has brought it to the forefront, and its top-shelf features have made it a fan favorite.

Growing Blue Dream Seeds

Grown either indoors or out, the Blue Dream marijuana strain is considered simple to care for because of its low sensitivity to extremes in temperature and humidity. This is a very tall plant. Due to its enticing aroma, it is also vulnerable to parasite infestation, especially from red spider mites. Although it thrives best indoors, it may also be grown well outside in subtropical or Mediterranean climates. Growing Blue Dream indoors can result in a yield of about 550 gs per square meter. In general, the blossoming process takes 9-10 weeks. When grown outdoors, this type can yield an average of 550-600 g per plant, with October being the ideal time for harvest.

Blue Dream Weed Taste & Smell

In its genetic background, the blueberry gives this strain an enticing, decadent richness and a flavor similar to the fruit. Overall, it smells pretty fruity and has a slight blueberry-like quality. Vanilla lends a subtle sweetness, while some tasters have detected a tangy, fruity note from the mango.

The adage “what you smell is what you taste” applies perfectly to Blue Dream. Its flavor lingers in various tasty berries, with undertones of spices and herbs. Thanks to its significant, fruity characteristics and the slight acidic undertones that help keep things in harmony, it’s easy to like. Blue Dream is a popular strain for new users because it doesn’t have an overwhelming taste and is among the most well-known varieties.

Blue Dream Marijuana Effect

Blue Dream is famous for its sedative effects on the user’s complete being. Fans of the variety say it’s excellent for beginners since it produces a more subdued high. One of the reasons it works so well as an early stimulant is that it offers the feeling of moderate brain stimulation.

Happiness is amplified by its uplifting qualities, inspiring a general want to create. It’s a great addition to brainstorming sessions, especially in a group, as it has the potential to inspire wholly original thoughts and suggestions. This makes it a great go-to for any professional in the arts which needs a jolt of motivation in their day. Its attraction lies in the fact that it allows one to unwind without becoming bedridden: If you want to feel like you’re floating on air, Blue Dream is the one to get you there, but you’ll still be able to interact with others, and get work done. This feeling of warmth & coziness is hard to ignore because of the modest mood change it might induce.


Sativa dominante


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Tiempo de floración

67-80 días


25-29 %


1-4 %

Rendimiento en interiores

450-550 g/m²

Rendimiento al aire libre

500-800 g/m²

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  1. Reseña fotográfica de Blue Dream Seeds
    tektonik80Comprador verificado
    30 de mayo de 2022
    huele a fruta
    Tuve que cortar una semana antes. Uno huele afrutado y dulce el otro gas como Skywalker. No puedo esperar a fumar
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    Reseña fotográfica de Blue Dream Seeds
    JessicaSimpsonComprador verificado
    29 de mayo de 2022
    humo asombroso
    de la semilla a la cosecha en 11 semanas rinde mucho y también la potencia
    4 1

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Semillas Blue Dream

De:  29.00

Semillas Blue Dream