White Widow x N. L.

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White Widow x N. L.

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Выбор семян

Феминизированные семена
При ежедневном освещении менее 12 часов феминизированные семена зацветают и дают сорные травы. Собирают либо осенью на улице, либо в помещении примерно через 15-20 недель. Феминизированные сорта используются начинающими и опытными производителями и дают более качественные шишки, чем автоцветущие сорта.

Автоматические семена
Легкие в выращивании и простые растения можно вырастить из семян автоцветков всего за 10-14 недель до того, как они будут готовы к сбору. Прекрасно подходит для начинающих культиваторов, ограниченных площадей и сезонных урожаев.

Как проращивать

Чтобы обеспечить прорастание, погрузите семена в стакан с водой не менее чем на 12-72 часа, держа их в темноте при комнатной температуре. Когда появится белена, посадите семена на глубину 1/2 дюйма в почву или другую увлажненную среду. Вы должны увидеть появление ростка в течение 2 дней после посадки. Сеянцы процветают в ярких, солнечных условиях (21°C - 23°C).

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White Widow x N. L. Cannabis Strain Overview

If you’re a cannabis farmer looking for something truly original, you should look into the White Widow x N. L. strain. This super-potent hybrid originates from the crossing of two legendary strains: White Widow and Northern Lights. Despite this strain’s widespread notoriety for its extremely high THC content, it is the diversity of its terpene profile that truly sets it apart. Let’s investigate this amazing variety even more deeply.

White Widow x N. L. THC Content

The White Widow x N. L. hybrid is extremely strong, with a normal THC level of 18-22%. The potency of this cannabis kind, however, varies considerably depending on where it is purchased. Although quite powerful, this strain is celebrated for its calming and energising effects, with many users also reporting an improvement in their ability to concentrate and generate new ideas. Among its many benefits is a reduction in stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

White Widow x N. L. Aroma and Taste

White Widow x N. L. is a hybrid strain with a distinct profile thanks to the interplay of its terpenes; consumers of varying experience levels will find something to their liking in this product. The earthy aroma of myrcene complements the floral and spicy undertones of linalool and hints of citrus and lavender. There are also traces of pinene, which gives off a potent pine aroma that lingers on the tongue long after smoking or vaping this cannabis is over, and caryophyllene, which adds a delicate peppery flavour to the combination.

Growing White Widow x N. L. Seeds

This strain of cannabis is great for amateur growers to try their hands at because it is resistant to mould and pests. The plant is ready to be harvested after 8 to 9 weeks of growth, and it is one of the most productive strains available, with a yield of up to 500 g/m2 inside or 600 g/plant outdoors. Plants need a lot of light during the vegetative stage (18 hours per day), but much less light during the flowering stage (12 hours per day) if you want to see beautiful blooms.
White Widow x N.L. is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a hybrid with a high THC content and low CBD content that packs a serious punch but is surprisingly easygoing. As a result of its high THC content and fascinating terpene profile, which together promote physical relaxation and mental clarity, it is ideal for both recreational and therapeutic applications. This delectable bud is so robust and easy to grow that even novice growers can successfully harvest their own crop, provided the plants are given adequate light during the flowering stage. If you’re looking for the perfect cannabis strain, White Widow x N.L. pretty much checks all the boxes.
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Время цветения

56-66 дней




5 - 10%

Урожайность в помещении

450-550 г/м²

Урожайность на открытом воздухе

900-1200 г/м²

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White Widow x N. L.

От: $ 31.15

White Widow x N. L.