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Runtz Auto Seeds

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Runtz Auto Seeds

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Выбор семян

Феминизированные семена
При ежедневном освещении менее 12 часов феминизированные семена зацветают и дают сорные травы. Собирают либо осенью на улице, либо в помещении примерно через 15-20 недель. Феминизированные сорта используются начинающими и опытными производителями и дают более качественные шишки, чем автоцветущие сорта.

Автоматические семена
Легкие в выращивании и простые растения можно вырастить из семян автоцветков всего за 10-14 недель до того, как они будут готовы к сбору. Прекрасно подходит для начинающих культиваторов, ограниченных площадей и сезонных урожаев.

Как проращивать

Чтобы обеспечить прорастание, погрузите семена в стакан с водой не менее чем на 12-72 часа, держа их в темноте при комнатной температуре. Когда появится белена, посадите семена на глубину 1/2 дюйма в почву или другую увлажненную среду. Вы должны увидеть появление ростка в течение 2 дней после посадки. Сеянцы процветают в ярких, солнечных условиях (21°C - 23°C).

*Please Check Legality In Your Own Region.


Runtz Auto Cannabis Strain

The Runtz autoflowering strain is not just a mixture of two potent strains; it has also demonstrated that it has taken the most desirable characteristics from both strains to provide a more well-rounded effect. The ratio of Indica to Sativa in this strain is well-balanced, and the THC content of the plant can reach as high as 23%. Because of this, you can tell it is inappropriate for novices.

It should not be surprising that the Runtz Autoflower has an overpowering smell & an overly strong taste that leaves you wanting more, given that it derives from two potent parent strains with a large proportion of flavors and tastes. Both of these characteristics leave you wanting more. The entire process of the Runtz auto, from seeding to flowering, begins and ends in a period that is typically between 9 and 10 weeks.

Growing Runtz Auto Seeds

Her auto-flowering genetics are so well-tuned that cultivating Runtz Auto is a pleasurable and stress-free experience. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never grown cannabis before or consider yourself an expert on the subject; Runtz Auto requires minimal effort in terms of upkeep and care. She is not particularly bushy or picky, and only needs light trimming occasionally. Assuming those two things don’t happen, you should have a stress-free time while developing.

She won’t be a tall plant, but she won’t be a “runt,” topping at a modest 1.2 m. This makes Runtz Auto an excellent choice for individuals working with limited space or those who prefer to grow in a dense SOG. Runtz Auto is notable for its adaptability. She is hardy and can thrive in various climates and settings, indoors and out.

If this is your first time growing at home, you should try growing some Runtz Auto inside. Grow her hydroponically or in a container with soil; either way, she may be kept on the same hours of light from seed to harvest. She will have the best chance of achieving excellent results by working a strict routine of about 18 to 20 hours per day. When cared for properly, she can be harvested in as little as a few months. You should expect a return of 400-500g/m2 from her abundant, tight, crystalline buds after only 70 days from germination. This is an excellent harvest for a bush of this size.

Runtz Auto Weed Taste & Smell

Her buds are dense and sticky, perfect for drying out and smoking after harvest. Because her parents are both quite sweet, you can expect a tropical and sugary scent with creamy undertones that will make your mouth swim in no time.

Just tasting your stash will make you want to go back for more. The true strength of Runtz Auto, however, lies in her impeccable taste. She builds upon tropical fruits’ ripe, sugary aroma by adding a hint of earthiness and finishing with a creamy, musky undertone. This high will please even the most discerning stoner’s taste buds with its vast array of exotic flavors.

Runtz Auto Marijuana Effect

Runtz Auto’s probable THC content of 23% is through-the-roof. She inherited her potency, strength, and longevity from her influential parents, making her a genuine hybrid that delivers a full-body, ecstatic high. This isn’t a strain designed to knock you out or put you to sleep, but it will provide a pleasant sense of calm and even a few smiles, making her ideal for unwinding with friends after a hard day on the job.

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Время цветения

67-80 дней


21-24 %

Урожайность в помещении

550-650 г/м²

Урожайность на открытом воздухе

500-800 г/м²

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  1. Runtz Auto Seeds photo review
    Ben TrefryVerified buyer
    7 March 2023
    5 of 6 Failed to germinate.
    Very fast delivery which surprised me. The Tacking was pointless I received my order so fast I recieved the package before the website was able to pos...More
    Very fast delivery which surprised me. The Tacking was pointless I received my order so fast I recieved the package before the website was able to post the info. However, after starting germination on 6 Runtz Auto Seeds only one popped a tail. I've been growing for a decade and I've never had so many seeds fail at once. I would put it down to an error or mishap on my end but after having almost the exact same thing happen a second time with my Gorilla Glue Auto seeds of which only 2 of 6 germinated I have to put it down to poor genetics, old seeds, or some other reason. I've heard that autos can have issues but this many too not germinate is just bad. I've only made two seed orders with Garden of Green and these are the first of the seeds I've ordered that I've germinated. I can say that if the Rainbow Kush seeds I've ordered do the same it will be the end of my business with GOG.
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Runtz Auto Seeds

От:  29.00

Runtz Auto Seeds