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Семена для свадебного торта

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60% гибрид индики
Высокая урожайность и простота выращивания
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Семена для свадебного торта

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Выбор семян

Феминизированные семена
При ежедневном освещении менее 12 часов феминизированные семена зацветают и дают сорные травы. Собирают либо осенью на улице, либо в помещении примерно через 15-20 недель. Феминизированные сорта используются начинающими и опытными производителями и дают более качественные шишки, чем автоцветущие сорта.

Автоматические семена
Легкие в выращивании и простые растения можно вырастить из семян автоцветков всего за 10-14 недель до того, как они будут готовы к сбору. Прекрасно подходит для начинающих культиваторов, ограниченных площадей и сезонных урожаев.

Как проращивать

Чтобы обеспечить прорастание, погрузите семена в стакан с водой не менее чем на 12-72 часа, держа их в темноте при комнатной температуре. Когда появится белена, посадите семена на глубину 1/2 дюйма в почву или другую увлажненную среду. Вы должны увидеть появление ростка в течение 2 дней после посадки. Сеянцы процветают в ярких, солнечных условиях (21°C - 23°C).

*Please Check Legality In Your Own Region.


Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain

Many people consider the Wedding Cake variety to be the most potent of all the weed options. Having an Indica-dominant genetic makeup, its THC content often tests at over 20% and is extremely close to the threshold of 30%. There’s no denying this is the stress of a person who lives for adrenaline. Newcomers may find this level of strength excessive and intimidating. This is not to say that those who prefer the Indica effect of marijuana should never use it. Instead, always keep in mind how important it is to use moderation.

Ringing bells indicate the start of Wedding Cake after all the speeches have been made. It takes only a few minutes for its effects to become noticeable, and once they do, they can be felt as a sudden burst of euphoria throughout the entire brain. The longer it stays on, the more it feels like a masseuse kneading your limbs. Depending on your tolerance, the withdrawal phase could induce sleep.

Growing Wedding Cake Seeds

Wedding Cake develops like an indica strain more so than a Sativa one. Because it is both short and hardy, it may be grown by farmers in a wide range of climates and soil types. Furthermore, potent buds with a practically solid appearance are produced when the plant is ready for harvest. It’s substantial enough that one may feel it between the palms of one’s hands. When it comes to the hues it has, a dark forest green with a purple undertone is the most common.

There is little to no variation regarding feeding, nutrition, and the typical practices for cultivating plants. A more advanced production method, such as the SOG, may be used by more seasoned growers. This method takes advantage of the hardiness of Wedding Cake by sowing at least four seeds per square meter & then training the plant to produce a single bloom as it matures. It shortens the period of vegetative development without negatively impacting harvests.

Wedding Cake’s powerful high is due to its high concentration of THC. The aftershock is also quite soothing, making you feel calm and guaranteeing a stress-free session. If you think you would appreciate anything like this, you should check out the Wedding Cake seeds we offer in our Irish seed bank.

Wedding Cake Weed Taste & Smell

It’s possible to detect a wedding cake’s sugary aroma before even taking a mouthful. The dominant scent is vanilla, with hints of earth and pepper.

It has a milder, peppery spice you’ll perceive after eating it. But its impact is brief since a more earth undertone quickly takes place afterward. If you roll the cigarette around in your mouth, you can release its vanilla smells. As it leaves your lips, a lovely flavor lingers.

Wedding Cake Marijuana Effect

After the initial rush of euphoria after smoking Wedding Cake wears off, you’ll feel a wave of clarity and clarity. On top of that, it improves mood by erasing the user’s worries and stress.  In general, the physical symptoms are calming. The entire body is massaged with light pressure, starting with the head and ending with the toes. Kneading relaxes all of the muscles and helps those surrounding the limbs stop being so tense. 

With this, users may function like well-oiled machines, speeding up their work and boosting productivity. Every flower contains at least 25% THC and, often, much more than that. If users consume more than they can handle, they may experience a dangerously high level of intoxication known as a “head high.” Wedding Cake is a potent strain. Thus it’s essential to use caution when consuming it.

Дополнительная информация
Медицинские льготы

Улучшает аппетит, останавливает боль, хронический стресс, мигрень, депрессию, ревматизм, бессонницу, рак


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В помещении

55/60 дней

Месячник по сбору урожая на открытом воздухе

Середина октября

Урожайность в помещении

350-450 г/м²

Урожайность на открытом воздухе

450-700 г/м²


< 1%

Справочная информация

Индика доминирует


25-29 %

Время цветения

45 - 55 дней

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Семена для свадебного торта

От:  29.00

Семена для свадебного торта