Semillas Kosher Kush

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Alto THC 25-29% 
Híbrido 100% Indica
Alto rendimiento y fácil de cultivar
Zumbido potente pero relajante 

Semillas Kosher Kush

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Hemos estado en el negocio durante más de 15 años, esto nos ha ayudado a construir una relación con otras grandes marcas y criadores en este espacio. ¡Podemos ofrecerte los mejores descuentos en semillas de marihuana que puedes encontrar en la web!

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Elección de las semillas

Semillas feminizadas
Cuando se les da menos de 12 horas de luz al día, las semillas feminizadas florecen y producen hierba. Se recogen en otoño en el exterior o en el interior después de unas 15 a 20 semanas. Las variedades feminizadas son utilizadas por cultivadores principiantes y experimentados y producen cogollos de mayor calidad que las variedades autoflorecientes.

Semillas automáticas
A partir de las semillas autoflorecientes se pueden cultivar plantas fáciles de cultivar y sencillas en tan sólo 10 a 14 semanas antes de que estén listas para ser recogidas. Fantástico para los que cultivan por primera vez, las zonas de cosecha limitadas y los rendimientos de temporada.

Cómo germinar

Para asegurar la germinación, sumerja las semillas en un vaso de agua durante al menos 12-72 horas mientras las mantiene en la oscuridad a temperatura ambiente. Cuando aparezca la cola blanca, planta tus semillas a 1/2 pulgada de profundidad en el suelo o en otro medio que haya sido humedecido. Deberías ver emerger una plántula en los dos días siguientes a la plantación. Las plántulas prosperan en condiciones luminosas y soleadas (21°C a 23°C)

*Please Check Legality In Your Own Region.

Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain

By breeding Kosher Kush with OG Kush, Garden of Green created a hybrid that is entirely Indica. A stunning native of California, she is also incredibly productive. Because of its high CBD content, Kosher Kush is also highly beneficial for medical and therapeutic use.

The magnificent flowers produced by the Kosher Kush strain will wow you. They have big calyxes coated in orange hair and are sticky & full of glistening white trichomes. Both the aroma and flavor are strongly reminiscent of the earth while also being tart and fruity. The high concentration of THC, at 27%, will help you unwind entirely and put your worries to rest. You’ll also order pizza and scavenge the pantry and fridge for treats.

The medicinal and therapeutic effects of The Kosher Kush are not surprising, given the plant’s properties. They are highly suggested for stress and anxiety alleviation, as well as relief from cramps, depression, insomnia, MS, neuropathic pain, and Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Among the most highly recommended strains of cannabis in California, Kosher Kush has been and always will be a serious contender.

Growing Kosher Kush Seeds

If you have a dry, warm, & mild outdoor environment, you can grow Kosher Kush well. The plants produce the most incredible flowers when the perfect environment is created for growing Kosher Kush indoors. You must frequently prune this pure Indica strain and give it a vital nutrient supplement to get the best harvest possible.

Kosher Kush plants cultivated outdoors may need nine to 10 weeks to go through vegetative growth, blooming, and harvest. Its maximum production is reported to be 550 grams of freshest bud per square meter when grown in a well-kept indoor setting. Each plant grown is predicted to average around 390 grams of buds, giving this Indica strain the ability to produce a mid-sized harvest. By mid-October, the Kosher Kush crop should be ready for a bountiful harvest, which follows a growth cycle that begins in the late summer.

Kosher Kush Weed Taste & Smell

The Kosher Kush flowers have a deep earthy fragrance blended with elements of fresh pine, creating a plant with a mouthwateringly wonderful aroma. The pungent smell of this 100% Indica strain will quickly permeate any room it enters, and it features spicy undertones that only serve to heighten the aroma’s pleasant qualities.

Flavors in this genuine and mysterious Indica are as delightful as its character, adding to the attraction of the strain as a whole. Kosher Kush has an exceptionally potent taste that combines woody and piney notes. The flavor is sweet & herbaceous concurrently, and it has evident citrus notes that will remind you of the biting sour taste of a freshly pressed lemon.

Kosher Kush Marijuana Effect

Kosher Kush is a fast-acting flower well-known for inducing profound sensations of elation & for its couch-locking properties, which are sure to impress even the most seasoned consumers. Since its effects on the body and mind are nearly rapid, this 100% Indica strain is best enjoyed at night.

It’s healthy knowledge that this supreme Indica is excellent for those who suffer from sleeplessness. People who have problems relaxing their minds and falling asleep may discover that this helps them achieve a deeper state of sleep. Kosher Kush is a powerful mood-elevator that will immediately alleviate daily life’s stresses, letting you indulge in feelings of happiness and joy and bathing in them.

Everybody knows that the munchies hit hard after puffing on some Kosher Kush. As a result, prepare to fulfill your cravings with an assortment of delicious treats. There will be lots of friendly ribbing while you and your pals enjoy a joint of this Indica and some excellent blunts.


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25-29 %


Indica dominante

Tiempo de floración

56-66 días

Rendimiento al aire libre

450-700 g/m²


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Semillas Kosher Kush

De: $ 30.91

Semillas Kosher Kush