Blue Dream Auto Seeds

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Alto THC 17-20% 
Híbrido 60% Sativa
Alto rendimiento y fácil de cultivar
Alto nivel cerebral y de motivación

Blue Dream Auto Seeds

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Elección de las semillas

Semillas feminizadas
Cuando se les da menos de 12 horas de luz al día, las semillas feminizadas florecen y producen hierba. Se recogen en otoño en el exterior o en el interior después de unas 15 a 20 semanas. Las variedades feminizadas son utilizadas por cultivadores principiantes y experimentados y producen cogollos de mayor calidad que las variedades autoflorecientes.

Semillas automáticas
A partir de las semillas autoflorecientes se pueden cultivar plantas fáciles de cultivar y sencillas en tan sólo 10 a 14 semanas antes de que estén listas para ser recogidas. Fantástico para los que cultivan por primera vez, las zonas de cosecha limitadas y los rendimientos de temporada.

Cómo germinar

Para asegurar la germinación, sumerja las semillas en un vaso de agua durante al menos 12-72 horas mientras las mantiene en la oscuridad a temperatura ambiente. Cuando aparezca la cola blanca, planta tus semillas a 1/2 pulgada de profundidad en el suelo o en otro medio que haya sido humedecido. Deberías ver emerger una plántula en los dos días siguientes a la plantación. Las plántulas prosperan en condiciones luminosas y soleadas (21°C a 23°C)

*Please Check Legality In Your Own Region.

Blue Dream Auto Cannabis Strain

The Blue Dream Autoflowering hybrid combines the famed Blue Dream strain, popular in the United States for its use as a “head stash,” with the robust ruderalis genes. Approximately 10 to 11 weeks after seeding, this short and hardy Sativa specimen will be ready for harvest. You’ll get a pleasant rush in your head and a taste that’s both sweet and fruity. The lovely violet and blue color combination of Blue Dream Auto is sure to captivate you as well.

Cabinet gardeners that want a high-quality head stockpile that is both compact and short-lived can profit from the auto-flowering variety Blue Dream. Those who spend time growing plants on their balconies can still reap the rewards of 1-1.2 meter tall, bushy plants, despite the short summers. This auto-flowering hybrid lacks the original strain’s power, but it is tasty enough to attract specialists and simple enough to grow that even beginners will succeed.

Growing Blue Dream Auto Seeds

The auto-flowering, Sativa-dominant Blue Dream Ao strain is simple to grow and yields heavily. This strain has earned its stellar reputation thanks to its fast development and big yields of massive buds flavored with floral and fruity sweet, citrusy pines, oranges & berry terpenes. Between nine and eleven weeks, BDA will be ready for harvest with 22% THC-rich flowers. She is an auto-flowering hybrid with the potential to yield 450 and 600 gr/m2, making her an excellent option for commercial growers. When Blue Dream Automatic is ready for harvest, she will burst at the seams with colas. Each one will be covered in resin and protrude from every possible plant part.

Because of her massive harvests, this hybrid is ideal for industrial farms seeking robust, high-yielding automatics. She will produce a large amount of premium foliage, giving extractors more lead time to set up their trimming nets. If you’re new to cannabis and want to try a Sativa-dominant hybrid, start with an incredibly potent and aromatic strain that’s very potent and aromatic.

Though it looks long and cumbersome, it’s exceptionally lightweight. Expansion of the calyx causes the development of trichome-covered, pointed buds. The blossoms are densely packed and covered in a rainbow of colors when examined up close, from greenish to purple to thick golden hairs. The smell alone is enough to make your mouth swim with anticipation. She’ll develop quickly and generate many branches because she’s a hybrid with a large percentage of Sativa. Long and slender, she can quickly fill up to a dense plant. She’ll develop soon. At the height of its flowering phase, this plant can reach 110 cm, with slender branches typical of Sativas.

Blue Dream Auto Weed Taste & Smell

A floral and delicious taste with hints of tart fruit and juiciness from cherry, citric, lemon, & pine. Terpenes that are both smooth and tropical will keep your taste buds guessing with every inhale. It’s the kind of delectable variety that can’t help but be shared with others.

Blue Dream Auto Marijuana Effect

Her astoundingly high THC content of 22% is responsible for her powerful, upbeat, and stimulating effects. Although the physical products are minor, they are a welcome addition to the mental enhancements. A beautiful flower to start the day with, as well as to share with friends, take long walks in the woods or on the beach with, use as inspiration for music or art, or to help one feel more creative within oneself.


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Sativa dominante

Tiempo de floración

67-80 días


17-20 %


< 1%

Rendimiento en interiores

350-450 g/m²


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Blue Dream Auto Seeds

De: $ 30.91

Blue Dream Auto Seeds